Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Self Esteem

Using the video, answer the following questions with complete sentences.

1.  Define low self-esteem.

2.  List a 2-3 reasons girls may have low self-esteem.

3.  List 2-3 negative activities that girls with low self-esteem resort too.

4.  List 2-3 negative activities that boys with low self-esteem resort too.

5.  If you were experiencing signs of low self-esteem, do you know where to go to and who to talk too?  Explain your answer.

1 comment:

  1. Low self asteem is when you want to do something but mabey you dont like how you look so you dont do it or youre scared to do things by youre apperance

    Why girls have low self asteem
    1-how they look
    2-not a certain body
    3-some clothing
    What girls do because of low self asteeme
    1 cut
    2 not belive in them selfs
    3 not talk to anyone

    What boy ressort to for lowself asttem
    Not join sports
    Be bad in class

    If i was experimcing low self asteem i would tell my mom and dad so mabey they can find. Out why i have low self asteeme and fix it whit there halp