Monday, September 21, 2015

Teens and Stress

Everyone goes through stress, but it's how you choose to handle stress is what is important.  View this short video on "stress" and answer the questions by commenting at the bottom.
Video Questions
1.  List 3 examples of stress that Alex is going through.
2.  List 3 examples of stress that YOU are going through.  Which examples do you have in common with Alex?
3.  List 3 specific examples of how you can cope with the stress that you are going through.


  1. paul perez 4th periodSeptember 21, 2015 at 7:49 PM

    3.try to sleep earlier,do homework,study

  2. 1 divorce breakup school
    2 sleep school grades
    3 do homework study more often and try to get more rest

  3. 1. 3 examples of stress that Alex is going through is 1) He's having his parents fight alot at home 2) His girlfriend broke up with him 3) Having alot of tension to deal with.

    2. 3 examples of stress im going through is arguing with someone I care about, keeping up with school work, waking up early and not getting much sleep.

    3.How I can cope with stress is by Going out and run or lifting weights, listening to music to clear my mind, going to a friends house, or just writing what's on my mind.

  4. Q#1 ) 1.Parents DIvorce
    2. Girlfriend Dumped Him
    3. School

    Q#2 ) 3 examples im stressing of is 1. Mom lost her job so shes not as happy. 2 . School . 3 . Lost someone

    Q#3 ) be there for my mom ; tutorials , keep up grades ; get sleep not think about it to much